Recreational Program

Our recreational program allows dancers to have fun, make friends, and boost confidence, while gaining valuable training in technique and performance.

Dance styles offered include: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre. All recreational classes will learn choreography to perform their skills at the year end recital.

which class do I join?

Tiny Tots

tiny tots

Tiny Tots is ages 2-4, and is designed to learn basic dance movements. This class is 30 minutes long, and includes multiple dance activities using imagination, music, and the beginning of co-ordination skills. These little ones will perform their dance at the year end recital, creating adorable picture-perfect memories.



The Mini age category is ages 5-6, and 30 minutes per class. We offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acrobatics at this age level. The introduction of dance vocabulary, musicality, and stage performance are all strongly focused on in the Mini classes. This is a great age to start dance as it helps students develop their social skills and make friends in a positive and encouraging environment. In all classes the Mini’s will learn a routine to share with family and friends at the year end recital. 

Junior 1 and 2


Our Junior program is designed for ages 7-12 and offers 1 hour classes. By this age, dancers are ready to explore more styles of dance, in addition to Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Acrobatics, we offer Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical/Contemporary. The multiple dance styles offered caters to the individuality and maturity of this age level. This also invites students to find a passion in different forms of dance, enhancing their overall dance experience. All Junior level classes will perform a routine at the year end recital.



Our advanced classes are ages 13 plus, this is our teen level. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theatre are all classes offered at the advanced level. Students will have the privilege to learn challenging choreography by top industry instructors, enhancing their dance education and creativity. 

Adult beginner class

Adult Beginner Classes

It’s never too late to start dance classes! Have you always dreamed of learning new and exciting dance steps, or simply want a fun workout? Then our adult classes are for you. Our adult class is 1 hour and we spend time exploring multiple styles of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical. You will gain ability in dance vocabulary, flexibility, leaps, turns, and more! 

styles of dance we offer

ballet / pointe

Amanda’s Dance Company offers structured technique ballet classes and gives dancers the extra push they need to take training to the next level.  Ballet is the fundamental of dance as it grows discipline and poise.  Classical ballet exercises are taught on the barre, in the centre, and across the floor. Training in this style is a mandatory component of our competitive program because it improves muscle strength and technique. Students aged 11 and up will have the chance to study the art of Pointe, with the permission of the instructor and consideration of the dancer’s ability and progression. 


Our jazz classes offer modern and fun choreography by high energy instructors. Students learn jumps, turns, across the floor movements and dance combinations, to prepare them for the year end recital performance. 


Tap is an exciting form of dance at any age level, with times steps, pickups, shuffles, toe tricks, quick and slow combinations, the tricks taught in our tap classes are endless. Our tap classes teach students the importance of musicality, rhythm, and sound, while having fun with our feet. 


Our acrobatics class is a perfect combination between gymnastics and dance. This class improves strength and flexibility, while mastering a variety of tricks. Acrobatics is a mandatory class for all competitive dancers, this ensures our students keep up with the latest acro skills to amplify their routines. 


We offer mix lyrical and contemporary style classes for ages 7 and up. This class trains students through top quality choreography, with a technique based approach. Dancers will understand the fundamental difference between lyrical and contemporary, and how we can alter our movements to perform each style.  


Musial Theatre is the fusion between singing, acting, and dancing! This exciting class teaches students how to perform using facial expression, attention towards musicality, dance movements, and playing a character. Using inspiration from popular musicals such as Mary Poppins, Hairspray, and The Lion King, this class creates stories through song and dance. 


Exciting, fast pace, and trendy dance moves circulate our hip-hop classes, where students learn the latest hip-hop tricks. Junior, Advanced, and Adult Beginner Hip-Hop classes offered. Students learn fresh choreography, the art of free styling, break dancing, and even experiment with jazz funk!

our rates

Total rate for entire dance season September – May

  • $450 (+HST) Tiny Tots
  • $500 (+HST) Mini, Junior, Advanced, and Adult Beginner recreational classes
  • Additional fees:
    • $100 (+HST) Costume fee per recreational class
    • $30 (+HST) Recital video fee per family
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7725 Birchmount Road, Unit 6
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9X3




7725 Birchmount Road, Unit 6
Markham, Ontario
L3R 9X3